L’accent français

I recently spent four weeks in Fontainebleau, France for a music festival. Though it’s now been four years since I’ve been a student at a music festival, I was drawn to this one as an opportunity to study with some of the best cello pedagogues in the world: Gary Hoffman, Philippe Muller, Ophélie Gaillard, Raphaël Merlin, and Diana Ligeti. That combined with the high level of students, the opportunities to perform, and the beautiful environment of the Château made it one of the most special summers to date. Although there were so many important experiences I could write about, I recently wrote an article describing two. One was an outreach performance at a local geriatric hospital, and the other was a featured recital at the Fondation des États-Unis where I had spent the last year as a resident. You will also find here my motivation to be a musician, and why music is such an important art for everyone (not just classical musicians). I would love to hear your perspective on music and the arts as well, please send comments through the contact page!


Article link: www.musiqueauchateau.com/post/andrew-briggs-a-richer-perspective-on-music-that-will-define-our-careers